Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10,000 in 5 years; 500 in 3 Years...What's Going On?

Goals ought to be measurable, right?
I must admit that in ministry that is often tough to do. We plant seeds that others harvest has been the 'wisdom' often passed on to pastors in terms of what ought to be expected in the job. I've certainly heard it, and I understand its point. However, I am re-discovering the joy in casting vision for ministry to my congregation and giving them measurable goals. Even more, what a thrill it is to see believers pick-up the goal and pursue it.
Last year I challenged our church to reach 10,000 unchurched and unconnected to Christ people in a 3-mile circle from our church. (According to the demographic date, that's 25% of those who claim no church affiliation but lean toward being Protestant.) Making disciples of Jesus Christ and changing the world doesn't just happen, and too many churches have been reciting these words as their 'mission purpose' with no goal or plan to actually do it. 10k/5 changed that for our church. We challenged every ministry and every small group and every member to intentionally reach out to someone they already know who is in this 10k and pray for them and plant seeds of hope in their lives that can only be found in Jesus. The year one response has been great! By our count, 2,236 people were reached. The stories are awesome--parents and players praying together prior to a high school soccer game; a father re-connected with his two sons and now reading the Bible together; a small group leader who planted those seeds of hope in the lives of neighbors and friends, and saw her group multiply. 10k/5 is a Kingdom goal. It's not about our church. And please, it's not about the numbers. The numbers represent real people, people whom God loves and for whom he died and rose again that they too might live!
This past week I challenged ourcongregation once again. The challenge is for 500 from our church in the next 3 years to go acorss the street, across town, acorss the nation or across the globe to be hands-on involved in the redeeming work of God. I can't wait to see what God will do with this?

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  1. I'm a bit behind in reading blogs, and just got to this. Excellent post and message. It never stops to amaze me, when I'm reminded to think of it, how comfortable most Christians are in praying for and ministering to strangers, yet we look past our unchurched friends, neighbors and co-workers. Keep the challenges coming!